Far Out… Sixteen Weeks to Go!

This was a tough Friday in many ways.

I felt quite useless at work today.  I accomplished stuff, but really wasn’t my top productive self.  I hate days like that. I like being at work and feeling useful and creative and energised! Not so much today!

I realised it’s been a long time since Mat and I had a real break. Our last holiday was in January, and I think we’re due. So, to be sure we’re not completely burnt out by Christmas, he and I are planning a week off during the next school holidays in September.

Anyway, onto the exercise!

I went for a treadmill run with Helen and Amanda after work today.  5km in 29:40, much of it run at 10, 11, and 12km per hour. I can’t maintain 12 for very long, but can run almost a whole kilometre at 11!  Thinking of going to the Bunbury Fun Run on 1st August.  The girls want to make a big weekend of it.  Sounds great, and a great chance to pump my training distances back up over 10km!

I checked TKs leg, and he seems quite sensitive about it (doesn’t want me to touch it), but it’s healing neatly, is clean and no discharge.  It’s still quite swollen though.  But so far I haven’t had reason for concern.  Will continue to watch it. Am aiming for an endurance ride in August now.

I am meant to be paddling starting this week, but I still haven’t got my hands on a paddle.  I tried using a broom handle, but it was too short and too light, and just felt silly.  Really must organise a paddle ASAP!

I was also going to spin when I got home, but I have been talked into cycling to Nyabing Saturday morning with the girls.  That’s about 55km.  The weather has been absolutely vicious the last few days, storms and winds and unpredictable messes, so I’m hoping it’s not too bad tomorrow.  The high is meant to be 16 degrees, and the weather channel says only 20% chance of rain, which means most likely scenario is just gusting winds. And, if we’ve planned it right, those winds will be behind us!

I love tail winds!

As always, I’ll keep you updated!


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