Wednesday & Thursday

Wednesday was a big day.

It was a lovely morning (12 degrees and sunny!), so I ran 5.6km outside. I was aiming for 6, but my knee played up again and I chose to call it quits early.  I think that’s just because I was running on the road again, not on the soft, supportive running belt of a treadmill, so it was just responding to the extra impact.  It was painful enough to force me to walk on two occasions.

On one hand, I always feel like I’ve failed if I walk during a run, but on the other hand, I feel better and can carry on faster and more comfortably after a short walk, so it’s well worth taking the 30-60 second break and allowing the knee to realign or whatever it is that’s going on inside there.

I’m also looking back and thinking, I haven’t been over 7km in quite a few weeks and really need to get back on the distance building program.

As already posted, I also took TK to the vet, so that took up a large portion of my morning, so I didn’t get the shopping done or make lasagne, but still had plenty of goodies to eat.  Having a good stock of muesli (granola) bars and individual serves of yoghurt, fromage frais, and fruits on hand makes ensuring I eat enough of the right things first before I consider eating any of the tempting junk at work.  I have cut down my extras by a huge amount just by having snacks and a real lunch on hand this week.

I taught Balance Wednesday night, and although I intended to ‘spin’ when I got home, I was really tired.  Not just bored or lethargic, but falling-asleep-on-the-couch-tired.  So I didn’t do anything extra after work.

Thursday I turned out to be just as tired! Time to take a serious overdose of Vitamin Bs and Ds!  My body is feeling strong, but my mind is as fuzzy as a wool sweater!  So I am declaring Thursday a rest day, and have rented a movie and will just enjoy a quiet night with Mat.


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