On Track on Tuesday

Well, I did most of what I planned today!  Which is good considering how listless I was feeling for most of the day.  I could barely make eye contact with people, it was too much like hard work!

But, I taught a circuit class to some teenagers, which was fun, though I didn’t really get a workout, just took the chill of by demonstrating exercise form.  It is damn cold inside my workplace!

I also didn’t run, which is unfortunate.  I got off work early, but had to feed the fish, cats, dogs and horses before dark, and by the time I got all that done I only had about 20 minutes of light left.  I considered going to the gym, but didn’t want to hog a treadmill again.  And again, I was feeling pretty blah, and was looking for an excuse.

But later on in the evening, I got bored and restless and agitated and kinda grumpy and annoying, so decided to turn on some good music and exercise like I planned instead of wussing out and sitting like a lump on the couch. Imagine what poor Mat would have copped if I had just sat there complaining all night!

So I rowed for 40 minutes (as per plan) and then did 30 minutes on the trainer to make up for the missing run. And I sang along (in a manner of speaking) to all these great old tunes, and just had a little party in my head. Just a thing to note: it’s really hard to dance while rowing … hehe

And afterwards I felt AMAZING.  I felt so much more energised!  Why didn’t I do this earlier!?

Today’s lesson:

If you don’t feel up to exercising, try a little exercise!


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