TKs Leg

I took TK in this morning to get his leg operated on. I thought it would be a matter of dropping him off and picking him up later, but I was pleasantly surprised!  Dr Maxwell was ready to operate and I could watch.  I wish I had brought my camera!  That sounds kinda gross, but it was really interesting!

TK was given a sedative, which he responded to almost immediately, which was really funny.  He was trying to eat his breakfast but couldn’t chew, so all the food just dribbled out of his loose lips. I suppose that’s one of those things you’d have to see to appreciate. 🙂

Anyway, Dr Maxwell said first plan is try to to cut along the top and bottom of the stick and try to push it out.  Failing that, he’d have to slice the whole length of the stick and then pull it out that way.

As it turns out, we had to cut the whole thing out, there was too much fibrous tissue developed around the twig holding it firmly in place.  All that excess tissue had to come out as well.  About 6 stitches went in and then it was wrapped and he was put in a stall to recover for awhile.

He’s come home and is looking quite bright.  Doctors’ orders are to keep him confined for a few days, and to keep an eye on the leg.  If there’s any swelling below the bandage I need to cut some of the bandage away to take off the pressure.  If that fails to reduce the swelling, the whole bandage has to come off.  He will go back in on Wednesday morning for a follow up, to have the bandages off and possibly some of the stitches out already!  Depends on how it’s mending.

Anyway, looks like he’ll be none the worse for wear, will just need a few more days off.

Here’s what we took out of his leg:

And here’s the boy, relaxing in the sun.

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