All About Saturday

Yesterday I cleaned TKs leg, which was still scabby from where he got poked with a stick back in March, and was very dismayed to see that the penetration wound was enlarged, rather than getting smaller. So I decided to go up to the vets and see what to do about it. We scheduled an appointment for 5pm and when she shaved the wound area and examined it, it was very clear that there was a foreign body in his leg!  So, he’s had the area cleaned, a strong shot of antibiotics and surgery is scheduled for Monday morning at 9am.

In the meantime, I did lunge TK, rather than ride him, and he was a bit obstinate and it took a bit of effort to get him to just trot on command. He gave a good kick out at one point, and tossed his head lots. I guess he was fired up, or otherwise a bit disgusted with working after a two week spell.  In the end with did a bit of work on dropping his head.  That went well and he was all relaxed and loose lipped at the end.

At 3:30 I went for a bike ride!  Outside!  Yep outside!  It was only 11.5 degrees and I didn’t freeze or anything!  I was cold, yes, but kept very warm with a vigorous ride. I rode 26km all up (just down Police Pools and back) and I was very surprised at how far it seemed! hehe How quickly we forget!  But I rode out well.  Nice and strong, probably a 25-27km average, but came back into a bit of a wind, which slowed me down considerably, but kept the work load high. I found it ironic that I could be both so sweaty and so cold at the same time. I will be doing the same ride tomorrow.  Bring on the Tour!

The rest of my day was filled with mundane tasks: bringing in wood, feeding the animals, laundry, floors, dishes, and groceries.

I also started keeping my food diary, and was making much better food choices. I got my two fruit today, but only one and a bit vegetables. One dairy. Not too much sugar, only two cups of tea. Lots of water. Ah so much better! The only worry I have now about the diary is that as I am not responsible to anyone but myself, if I don’t complete it there will be no consequence.  An interesting problem!

I’m also trying to be a more positive thinker (I am a positive person, but want to be more so and more successful as a result), so here is a list of 5 successes for my day:
1) I didn’t overreact to the leg wound.
2) I ate good food!
3) I went for a bike ride outside!
4) I went for a bike ride outside! (this counts for two! hehe)
5) I had a great training session with TK.
6) My house is nice and clean and has a nice warm fire going! (needed a 6th to be fair!)


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