My Week in Review – Week 10

Monday – Planned: 2: 5km run, teach balance
Actual: 1
  • No run, we were driving home from Bunbury, had to pretty much shower and run to work.
  • Taught Balance – laughed at myself because I couldn’t do left and right all night 🙂
Tuesday – Planned: 2: Circuit, spin 1 hour
Actual: 0.5
  • Circuit! Nope! New people, teaching teaching teaching.
  • Spin 35 minutes and was done! Do not do this without bike shorts, the padding is critical! 🙂 And my legs sure knew I had done it. Stopped at one point and took some tension off the trainer cuz I was going to have to stop after 10 minutes! Could I call this ONE instead of HALF?
Wednesday – Planned: 2: run 6km, teach balance
Actual: 2
  • I wanted to ride my horse today, but I had to go clean the kitchen at work. We had our last Healthy Bodies session last night, which was a dinner we cooked ourselves, and we went overtime. Security nearly locked us in. Had a lot of dishes to do. Once again, my horse gets neglected.
  • 6km run – yep, on the treadmill, hill program, level 6, 40 minutes. Highest grade was 4.9% and stuck to 9km/hr for whole time, so slower than usual, but was on the high end of my target heart rate the whole time, so felt I was working in the right zone. My butt was on fire! So it must have been working!
  • Taught Balance.
Thursday – Planned: 2: Teach Balance, run 7km, T&E for dinner, so no other workout, unless time for a spin or row at the end of the night.
Actual: 1
  • Taught Balance
  • When did I think I’d have time for a run? Really, what was I thinking?
Friday – Planned: 2: Circuit, Row
Actual: 0
  • Circuit – again no workout for me.  I could have actually gotten in a workout, but we were having a school winter sports carnival, and I needed to be accessible to the staff if things got out of hand.
  • Row – now when did I think I’d be able to do this?  Lindy’s going away party, packing and preparing food for the weekend, and NO WATER in the house.  Holding the torch (flashlight) for Mat so he could fix the burst water pipes in the dark.
Saturday – Planned: 1: Rogaine. Leave at 6:30am for Donnybrook area. Planning on doing 30-40km over the weekend, in approximately 4 hour/10km stints. 12-4pm (approx 15km), break for lunch, 6-10pm (approx 10km), sleep, eat breakfast, 7-11am (approx 15km), have second breakfast. Event ends at 12pm on Sunday.
Actual: 1
  • Rogaine – did 1 6 hour stint.  HUGE hills and good walking pace most of the time. Feeling like I’ve worked, but not SORE, so my feet and legs are getting used to the increased impact. 
Sunday – Planned: 1: Carry forward of Rogaine. Won’t want to do anything but sleep and shower and get rid of ticks.
Actual: 1
  • Rogaine – only went out for an extra two hours on Sunday, and had a poor time of it.  Missed several hundred points we were aiming at.  Might do a post about this.
The best thing that happened this week:  The Rogaine was really good, as always. Had family over for dinner, and it was nice to have them over, as they usually feed us! We don’t entertain enough.

Planned: 12
Actual: 6.5
Success Rate: 54%

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