Renewed Vigour

After looking at where I am in relation to my goal yesterday, I have found a renewed sense of purpose to my training, so have had two wonderful workouts in the last two days.

Last night I got to spin on my bike for the first time!  I was watching NCIS, and planned to stay on for the whole show, but just couldn’t!  I got about 35 minutes through and my butt and legs were really aching.  Out of practice, but I thought it was a good start and I am committed to my plan and will continue to work towards four hours or more on the bike each week.  I will also remember to wear my bike shorts, because it’s amazing what a difference the padding makes to one’s comfort!

This morning, I had to go in to work to clean up after last night’s last Healthy Bodies Seminar.  We cooked a meal ourselves, and shared it, which was wonderful!  We had a great time, and ran overtime.  Security nearly locked us in, so the dishes didn’t get done.  We had an event on at 10am so I went in at 8 to do dishes, thinking it’d take me 30 minutes, then planned to do 30 minutes on the tready.

Dishes took a lot longer than that, and I also decided I needed a longer run to get the 6km in that I was aiming for taking the hills into account, so in the end didn’t get home until after 10am.  Oops! And so much to do here too!

But the run was great!  6km, 40 minutes, hill intervals at level 6, which means a maximum grade of 4.9%.  I will probably need to work towards a 10% grade to get hill-ready enough, but there is also the outdoor training that will take that into account.   Anyway, I really felt the burn, but no pain in the knee or hip.  I am pretty sure I burned WAY more calories than the little machine said!! I think I will also wear the heart rate strap next time, rather than using the hand sensors, so I can get a more consistent read out, but I seemed to be working around 85-90% most of the times that I checked my heart rate.

The other thing I’ve resolved to do is actually GET UP when my alarm goes off. Today the alarm went off at 7:15am – the official time of sunrise. And each week I will bring the time forward a few minutes to coincide with the increasing daylight, and my increasing need for longer workouts!

My new plan is still a work in progress, as there are a few changes coming to the schedule in light of a few programs ending, the school term changing, school holidays on the way, and new programs starting in 3 or 4 weeks.  But I think it’ll actually be better – there shouldn’t be any split shifts to work around, and that will definitely make things easier to plan around.

I’m going to be ready!


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