My Bike!

Mat and I went to Bunbury for the weekend to visit family; we haven’t caught up since January or February!  Far too long!  And we did a little shopping too – I had a $500 voucher I won at the Women’s Only Triathlon in November last year, so it was time to spend it!

I bought:

  • A mag trainer (there’s a difference between a mag and a wind trainer, who knew?)
  • Lights
  • A helmet (that was really expensive, so thank goodness it wasn’t “real” money I was spending!)
  • Pedals
  • Bearing packing grease

And it cost $515!  Sheesh, it doesn’t go far!

We arrived home Monday morning, and had to head to work. Got home at just about 9:00pm and started setting up the trainer.  It took us until 10:30pm to get it done, so I haven’t had a ‘real’ spin on it yet, but I sure will tonight!

It’s set up right next to the lounge, so the plan is that any time I’m watching TV, I’ll be turning the old legs over!  It sounds like a deceptively simple plan!  I think it will work!

I'd much rather know what you think... let me know :)

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