My Week in Review – Week 9

Monday – Planned: 3: Balance training, 5km run, teach balance
Actual: 1.5
  • No run, had a work emergency which completely mucked my morning up
  • Balance training, took it easy, only ½ a workout
  • Taught Balance – launched the new routine and LOVED it, it was so much fun! I was so nervous! 15 people, heaps of new people! I felt completely zinged!
Tuesday – Planned: 1: Circuit
Actual: 0
  • Circuit! Nope! New people, and woke up with the most PAINFUL leg in history. It’s getting better, and I did a very short cycle and tiny little jog (honestly, only 5 minutes each) in Seniors Gym to get the leg moving in a reasonably comfortable way. Not sure what I did to hurt it, but man, it SUCKS!
Wednesday – Planned: 3: ride horse, run 5km, teach balance
Actual: 3
  • Horse Ride – nope
  • 5km run – yep, on the treadmill
  • Bike – 35 minutes hard on the spin bike
  • Taught Balance.
Thursday – Planned: 3: Teach Balance, run 7km, Attack if arm okay, or a horse ride
Actual: 0
  • Didn’t teach Balance. We only had 3 people show up! Had 13 last week, what’s going on!?
  • Run – nope, cuz I was going to go to Attack
  • Attack – nope, stayed home with Mat and had a nice dinner together
  • Horse – nope, raining!
Friday – Planned: 1: Circuit, Go to Bunbury for weekend
Actual: 1
  • Circuit – yeah, and it was a GOOD workout! Sweating like a piggy! Loved this workout!
Saturday – Planned: 0: might squeeze in a run, but more likely to just enjoy the weekend off.
Actual: 0
  • took the day off
Sunday – Planned: 0: Unknown, again, might just enjoy a weekend off
Actual: 1
  • Went for an approximately 5km run (30 minutes) around Nell’s neighbourhood. It was a great spot for a run, really enjoyed it! Nice trails, pretty parks, not too much traffic. She lives in a good spot.
The best thing that happened this week: Visiting with family, relaxing completely and enjoying great food and company!  Also, bought my wind trainer (it’s actually a mag trainer, I have learned there is a difference) and now I can cycle inside at home! YAY!

Planned: 11
Actual: 6.5
Success Rate: 59%

3 responses to “My Week in Review – Week 9

  1. *cheer* Keep at it! :-)Wanna help me make up a schedule for the summer so that I don't get de-conditioned while I teach only once a week? I'm t thinking some nice balance of jogging, strength, and my step class once a week.

  2. Sounds like fun Dana! I'd need to know:- your work schedule- your teaching schedule- number of training sessions you want to doHow goes the 5km training, by the by?

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