Exercise Makes Me Human

Otherwise, I’m a terrible ogre!!

Oh my goodness, I was such a cow this morning. And after 9 hours of sleep no less. I just couldn’t decide on anything, and couldn’t listen to or agree with anything Mat had to say and finally, before heading to work he said “go back to bed! You’re miserable!” and I realised that I really really needed to release some energy!

I’ve been doing so much Balance training that the other stuff has been left to the wayside. And now look at me!  Viscous!

So I decided do 30 minutes spin bike and 30 minutes treadmill.  I thought that way, if the leg started to scream, I could pull up, and not be off in the bush somewhere with a long way to walk/ride back.  So, despite it being a beautiful day, I went to the gym (where I work) to workout.

While there, I did a harsh 35 minutes on the spin bike, and then 5 minutes into my run, I got bailed up by a customer who had a pointless complaint – while I am running on the treadmill … sweating like a pig … NOT AT WORK!  So I wasn’t as friendly as I probably should have been.

For the record, at 10am, the customer complained to me that the tables needed to be set up by 10am. 
– I asked, are they set up? 
– Yes they are. 
– Then what’s the problem? 
– They need to be set up before 10am (some garbled bullshit I can’t quite make out over the music, the treadmill, and my laboured breathing) … blah blah, should have been done by 9:30am.  
So my reply?  
– A not so nice: well if you wanted it done by 9:30 you should have asked for 9:30. Since you asked for 10, you got 10.  
– Then he said “your boss will be hearing about this.”  
– So I called both my bosses to tell them about it and both of them went “what’s his f’ing problem?”

I ran a LOT faster after that interaction, I can tell you!  The ogre wasn’t gone for another 30 minutes!

(Oh, and the leg held up okay.  Only a minor complaint, easy to run through. Didn’t feel it at all on the bike.)


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