Hurt my Leg

I woke up this morning and my left inner thigh was on FIRE and I couldn’t lift my leg up to put my ugg boots on!  I had to sort of push the leg backwards into my shoe, and then use my hands to lift the leg.  I can’t cross my left leg over the right without manually placing my leg there. What the?!

It loosened up over the day, and I was able to cycle a little, and do a short jog (5 minutes of each) but couldn’t do a step-up to save myself!

I seriously don’t know what I did, although there are a lot of hip opening stretches in Body Balance, and I may have done something in class, but I would have thought I’d’ve felt it at the time.

Then again, it was a launch, and I was excited and nervous, and I do go totally whole-hog at a release.  I mean, it’s new and exciting! Maybe the adrenaline rush made me not notice a twang?

The good news is that it completely drowns out any pain in my shoulder, so I don’t really notice that pain anymore!

Hope it gets better soon!


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