When I Grow Up I Want to be Like My Mother

My Mom is one of those effective people. Constantly doing something productive. My Mom, it has always seemed to me, is always on the go, has always been able to make a list and get through it.  She has always seemed capable of developing a new habit simply by force of will – she seems to simply need to decide to accomplish something and she will.  She may not be rich or famous, or someone they write about in the Seven Habits type books, but surely she has most of those habits or characteristics.

I wonder how she does it.  Because I am currently working on accomplishing so much more than usual, I have thought to get some advice from my mother. I have even thought that I should interview her.

But what questions would I ask her? Here’s a few that pop into mind (keeping in mind I’m not much of a reporter!):

  • have you always been highly productive or have you taught yourself skills to be more efficient and productive?
  • what drives you to keep going?
  • do you feel you balance productivity with relaxation and time for yourself?
  • how do you manage your daily list of tasks?
  • when you plan your list, how do you manage the time? ie: are you very certain on the time-line or required time for the task, or do you over-allocate time to complete the task?
  • do you ever have tasks you fail to accomplish on your list? How do you cope/feel about not accomplishing tasks?
  • how do you cope with changes to your plans, or interference from outside forces?
  • how much of your daily routine is simply “habit”? Do you do many tasks simply as a matter of course in your day?
  • what habits have been most difficult to integrate or develop?  Which were easiest?
  • how do you stay motivated? Do you ever have feelings of lethargy, or days where you feel you won’t be able to do the things you planned?
  • is your day more about “have to’s” or “want to’s”?
  • what is your “system” for organising or accomplishing things?
  • how do you rate the importance of each task?  Do you weight the tasks so you can change or delegate activities?
  • do you reward yourself when you accomplish certain tasks?  What would be a reward to you? And under what circumstances would you feel you “deserve” a reward?
What might you ask a person who has traits you seek to emulate? What other questions could I ask to get more in-depth or revealing replies?

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