My Week in Review – Week 8

Monday – Today is a public holiday in Western Australia! Wicked!
  Planned: 3: Balance training, ride horse, 5km run, paint front hallway
   Actual: 0

  • No horse ride due to lameness.
  • In fact, I did NOTHING I planned today! I rested, I cleaned, I vaccuumed and mopped and did laundry. And I slept.

  Planned: 1: Circuit, physiotherapist apointment
   Actual: 1

  • Circuit! Yes, awesome! So much fun!
  • Physio told me that it’s not actually my deltoid, that’s just referred pain from a tendon or this little dohickey thingey that give my muscles a cushioned gap to sit in. Everything is pinched and if I keep hurting it, I will really wreck it. Rest it, avoid the things that hurt.

  Planned: 4: Balance training, ride horse, run 5km, teach balance
   Actual: 3.5

  • No horse ride due to lameness 😦 Still 😦
  • 5km run – knee pain, modify plan for tomorrow, another 5km until knee stands up to longer durations
  • Balance training – one really really good hour. Wow that back track’ll kill ya if you let it! And then a short break and another solid 30-45 minutes on just my tracks. Obsessing about warmup. Going to call this 1.5 sessions.
  • Taught Balance.

  Planned: 3: Teach Balance, Balance training with Kirsty, run 12km (modify to 5km), Attack if arm okay?
   Actual: 2

  • Taught Balance.
  • Balance training with Kirsty.
  • No run, got late and dark. Wished I had a treadmill!
  • No Attack, excused for medical reasons πŸ™‚ (dickey arm)

  Planned: 2: Circuit, 10km night walk practice for rogaine
   Actual: 2

  • Circuit was pretty poor. I only did about half the circuit, and mainly just the cardio stuff. Warmed up enough to take off some of the layers, but didn’t really get a workout. No points for this one!
  • Ran 5.5km on treadmill, building speed with BPM increases to the music (thanks for this tip, Dana!!). Had to pull out half-way through Layla at 11km/hr at about 33 minutes. Built up steadily from 8km to 11km over 30 minutes, and the last 5 minutes were pretty much killer! Great workout! Knee did start to object by the end, however, I don’t usually run at that speed out on the road, I average about 9.5, so I kinda understand why it went “hey, this is HARD!”
  • Walked 10km in the cold and the dark up Balligan Hill (or something like that) with Mat, Ella and Marianne for a Rogaine training walk. Mat and I really do need proper hiking shoes/boots. It was cold, but a nice walk. We had heaps of fun together!

  Planned: 2: Work morning, Balance Training, run 14km (modify to 7km to rebuild knee strength)
   Actual: 1

  • Worked, then had a 2 hour nap, and then blogged about the crazy thoughts in my brain.
  • Then mowed the lawn, collected a load of fire wood, and did the dishes. Ah! I feel better now! I have clean dishes and can cook something!
  • Balance training! Really feeling great about this one. Only one track I didn’t feel like I knew well enough. Awesome. This one is sinking in very well!

  Planned: 2 or more: Balance Training, Horse ride, run? (If feeling up to it, 12km) Bike? Row?
   Actual: 1

  • Started painting front hallway. Thus far this only means washing all the walls and filling the holes. Due to the wintry weather and cool interior (even though it’s around 13 degrees inside today, NICE!) however, the stuff isn’t drying in the 30 minutes it predicted. It’s been about 2 hours so far, and will probably be several more before any painting takes place. And there’s sanding to do, and rewashing… so probably no paint on the walls today.
  • I went and rode TK bareback for a few minutes. Then ended up on the ground!  It was really windy, he’s had a week off, he’s feeling his oats. So I knew I couldn’t hop straight on, and I lunged him until I felt I had his respect and attention, and then got on.  We did a little walking, but Nero was a shit-bag, all stirred up, kicking and lunging at us, and because of the wind, we couldn’t tell when he was coming. Add to that the odd sound of someone seeming to be right next to you, talking, all because their voice carried on the wind from the playground across the road, and the guys at the race track driving their little remote control cars, well it sure made for a stirred up ride!  Still, he has to be able to be ridden in any conditions! I held on for one Nero attack, and spook, and stopped and waited till all was calm and demanded that he walk quietly, but it was not to be. Very shortly after stepping back off at a walk, I landed firmly on both butt cheeks, but held onto him, got him lunging in circles and then walking quietly beside me again. I didn’t get back on. I know, everyone says to get straight back on, but from experience, I believe common sense should prevail: it wasn’t safe to ride him with Nero acting like that around us.  I had him in control and was content with that for an ending for the time being.  Booked a riding lesson with Chris.

The best thing(s) that happened this week: 

  1. TK’s leg is healing and I am relieved to know he’s going to be just fine!
  2. Mat and I got out and socialised and did something together this week, and it was really fun to take a break from work!

Planned: 17
Actual: 10.5
Success Rate: 61.7%


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