Checking in Week 7

Monday – 1 – Bike 40 mins on indoor spin cycle. It’s harder than regular cycling in lots of ways, because there’s no free-wheeling, so you MUST be turning your legs, no resting or coasting.

Tuesday – 0 – Circuit had 17 people in it, 6 newbies! Again, I was run off my feet, but didn’t get a workout. Tuesdays are such a big day, so no other opportunity came knocking. I did a few minutes of fitball with my Healthy Bodies, but that wasn’t enough of a workout to count.

Wednesday – 2.5 – Great horse ride! And then some balance training, but not enough to call it a full workout, will call it half a workout :). Then taught balance.

Thursday – 2 – Taught balance and then ran 12km! Was tempted to call this run 1.5 workouts, but won’t 🙂

Friday – 3 – Circuit! Got to workout today, as I had only 5 of my regulars, which was great cuz it loosened up all those sore muscles and I got a great stretch at the end! YAY! And then a full hour or more of balance training (though I don’t feel much closer to knowing anything at all!) Also rowed for 30 minutes.

Saturday – work all day 8:30am-6:00pm Hoping for two hours of Balance training … but really was more of a mental exercise than a physical one.

Sunday – 1 – Horse ride (yay! 20+km) but sad, came up with lame horse afterwards. A run, bike, and balance training were all on the cards but I was soooo tired! Slept and slept and slept!

Total sessions: 9.5


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