Reasons To Run

I found this awhile ago, and to me, these reasons ‘feel’ better than all the physical benefits lists (bone density, strength, flexibility, heart health and so on).  I like the idea of changing focus for each month, too.  It doesn’t have to be “to run” either.  It could be any physical activity you enjoy!

January – New Beginnings
February – Efficiency & Strength
March – Health & Vitality
April – Achievements & Satisfaction
May – Feel Good Factor & Adrenaline Rush
June – Variety & Stimulation
July – Fun & Participation
August – Adaptability & Versatility
September – Sociability
October – Appreciation of Nature
November – Simplicity & Independence
December – Weight Loss & Maintenance

What ‘feel good’ reasons do you have to exercise?


One response to “Reasons To Run

  1. I just love the adrenalin rush I get anywhere from 20-40 mins into the class. 🙂 And I love feeling strong. I also love observing how my body adapts when I ask it for more and then give it time to adjust.Right now it feels like there are no limits if I just listen to my body and back off when it needs a rest. (I know there are, but it just feel like there aren't.) :-)I have only one class to teach in July and August, so I'm going to tackle running. The goal: 5k run without stops on the Labour Day weekend.

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