Just one question…

I got asked this awhile ago in a course and I am really stuck.  So thought I would share and see how you respond to the following:

Name two things you are incredible at.

Not ‘good at’, not ‘okay at’, but INCREDIBLE at.

Wow, how hard is that?

I am really struggling.

The interesting thing is that we could name a million things we are horrible at, but don’t focus or remember or can’t seem to find the positive!  Part of this may be because even if others think of us as incredible at something, we still want to be better at that thing.  We may see the problems or errors in that thing we are incredible at where others cannot.

So, I think one thing I am really good at (I hesitate to use incredible) is seeing two dimensional drawings in three dimensions.  I really can look at a floor plan and to a great extent a contours map, and build it up and ‘see’ the inside, the rise and fall, the edges and walls.

I also think I’m a very good goal setter (again with the hesitation to use incredible… interesting). I can set a goal and work well backwards, formulating the plan and the tools and everything to make the progression forward.  I’m not necessarily the greatest goal achiever but that’s a different skill all together!

How would you answer that question?  What are you incredible at?


8 responses to “Just one question…

  1. I talked to Mat about this. He couldn't come up with anything he was incredible at (he'll have to think about it), but he said I was incredible at shaking off a bad experience, particularly a negative encounter with a person.I never would have thought of that! Neat, huh!?

  2. You're incredible at fitness! I'm fit, and I don't come anywhere near you!I think the trouble with trying to think of what you're incredible at is that as soon as you think of something you're good at, you also think of someone who's better at it. I'm fit, but Andrea's more fit. I'm a good cook, but Alexandra is a better cook. I'm a good network administrator, but Michael is better. I'm a pretty good fitness instructor, but Bassel's better.So it's hard to feel incredible. 🙂

  3. I don't know, you're pretty fit!! And probably freakin' incredible at all those other things, too! :)You're right, though, that's pretty much what I think, too: I'm fit, but Kirsty's uber-fitter, I'm a good horse person, but Lauren, Chris, and Irwin are WAY better. I'm a good coach, but Carl is holy smokes better… and on it goes.So, should we resolve to allow ourselves to feel "incredible at" about something?

  4. I've thought of one thing, with the help of a half a bottle of wine. I am really incredible at sharing my energy. Lots of my friends are the more grounded types that tend to moping and depression, and I am really really good at bringing energy to them and brightening up their day just by being energetic and happy. There. I hope this makes sense when the wine wears off….

  5. Dana, that's AWESOME! Even if wine induced! 😛 That's a really great thing to be incredible at! Now I really have to think of mine, but I don't drink so it's going to be hard to loosen up the mind!

  6. Heh, if you come to Nova Scotia, you'll be drinking in no time. :-}Anyway, back to the topic: Trying to feel incredible just feels too egotistical. We've all had the experience of dealing with someone that thought they were really good at something, when really they weren't. I certainly don't want to be that person.But it sure it interesting to think about all this…D.

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