Checking in Week 6

It’s starting to feel obligatory, but is quite enlightening for me to reflect back on my week to do better for the week ahead.  Some poor points to this week, things to focus on…

Monday – 3 – Run intervals, ride TK bareback, taught Balance.

Tuesday – 0 – NOTHING! Oh no! Circuit was too busy, too many new people, too much teaching, no workout for Andrea!

Wednesday – 2 – Slow start to the morning, but went for a 7km run. Ironically both my 7km runs have been slower than my 7.5! By several minutes in fact! What’s with that? I blame the dog! I have a dog I run with… you’ve seen the post. I didn’t stretch afterwards, and was sooo stiff! Taught Body Balance. Felt much better!

Thursday – 1 – A bad sleep meant a late start to the morning, but taught Body Balance, and it was quite nice. Had a new participant and felt that I taught really well, and had fun, where last night I had a new participant and felt distracted and bossy, rather than focused and guiding. However, I had some compliments on my teaching last night, and that made me feel really good!
Decided to not do Attack. My arm is so sore (left deltoid to be precise), and I was originally planning to do no arms or just running arms, but I don’t think I can do superman’s or jacks without the arms, and I’ll just end up hurting it again… or not again, but worse. Might be time to seek medical assistance.

Friday – 0 – again new participants in Circuit kept me busy showing them what to do.  I run around like mad, but don’t get a focused workout with my girls when we have newbies who’ve never even walked on a treadmill. After work I did some NLP stuff with my friend Lauren. That was quite interesting. Exhausting in a mental way.  Tell you more about that later.  Got home in the dark, fed the horses, packed for Rogaine course.

Saturday – 1 – I could almost call this three sessions, but that would be a cheat. We did go out three times, and did three to four controls each time, but it was a slow pace and mostly easy going, so we probably only walked 4 or 5km each time. I didn’t have any weight on, and none of our walks was more than two hours long, I think. There were a few great spots where I got really zinged (hello exercise endorphins!!) on the uphill and downhill climbs, though. But really, not enough of a workout each session to call it three sessions. Also ate too much of poor choices, which would have completely obliterated any of the good of those sessions anyway.  More about this event later!

Sunday – 0 – Got home around 10am, slept, did laundry, dishes, horses, weeding, so much to do, but skipped out on three exercise opportunities.  Back on the wagon tomorrow morning!

Total sessions: 7

This is a major step backwards, I should be building up the number of sessions, not dropping back.  9 should be my minimum on any week.  I am working on it.  I am going to try to take the blame off OUTSIDE forces (the weather, the dark, the rain, the cold) and once again put the responsibility and pleasure of movement back INTO me!


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