Just a Thought

I was saying to Dana in a comment that I’m looking forward to summer again. Ironically, it’s not even *really* winter here yet. And it’s not really summer in Canada yet. We’re hanging around on that cusp. But here in Oz, we’re heading into one of my least productive times. And I need to come up with some strategies to solve the dilemma of my negative attitude towards work and exercise in the winter time. This is something I’ve written about lots.

So what are some possible solutions?

#1: Well, I had the thought yesterday as I was heading of to sleep that if I summered in Canada, and trained all summer there, then came back to Australia for summer here… well, I wouldn’t have the winter blahs! I think that sounds like a GOOD IDEA! Plus I’d get to see my family on both sides of the world… I love it!

Idea number one is a good one! But it will be hard to accomplish. What do I need to do to make that happen? How can I do it? What do we do with our animals for 6 months of the year? Can we afford to ship them overseas? What do I have to give up to make this all happen?

Or, what are the alternatives? Positive thoughts? NLP intervention? Spend the money on the gadgets like a treadmill, wind trainer, heart rate monitor? Or hire a personal trainer?

Any thoughts?

How can I survive winter and improve my fitness towards my goal when my motivation wanes in the darkness?

2 responses to “Just a Thought

  1. I found that a simulated sunrise lamp (with a very bright bulb) goes a long way to make my mornings easier in the winter.

  2. I have one. It will wake me up, I will look around poke a nose out of the covers, turn the light down, and go straight back to sleep!I'm no good at popping out of bed when it's COLD and dark. Australian houses aren't heated. There are days when it can be several degrees colder inside than outside first thing in the morning. Not motivating.

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