Checking in Week 5

I didn’t really plan a lot of sessions this week. I have my 5 classes that I teach – Balance three times and Circuit two times – which I count as workouts. I actually teach 8 classes a week, but the others are not active enough to count. Everything else was done if and when I felt like it. I was off colour much of this week, so just went with what I felt capable of. Interestingly, I still did a whole lot of sessions, even without a plan, and I also had one of my best runs yet.

Monday – 1 – Travelling and sick. Taught Balance.

Tuesday – 1 – Taught Circuit. Wasn’t feeling great on Monday night so told Graeme I wasn’t coming to RunFit. Was awake early enough to go and decided to stay in bed and stay warm and rest. I don’t think I want to go anymore: it’s early, dark and cold! Sadly, I don’t think the class will last – only two people showed up this morning, and I think most of the others are suffering from the same thing I am: winter!! πŸ™‚

Wednesday – 3 – Went for a 5km run and ended up going 7.5km, and felt really great! Played with TK, but didn’t get on him, working on β€œback” in hand to voice command. Taught Balance. The only thing that was really planned was to do a session with TK, and I didn’t get on him in the end due to my other horse busting out of the paddock! I took some time to run Nero around in circles and reinforce a few manners. It was harder work than I had thought it would be! πŸ™‚

Thursday – 2 – Not feeling well enough to run – AGAIN! Just not right, weak, lethargic, head-achey. Taught Balance. Took a Berocca Performance tablet (full of good vitamins, no caffeine or sugar or other untoward things) and started to feel better in time to go to Attack. Wasn’t my best Attack effort ever, but it was great to get sweaty! I think I’ve been a little dehydrated, and probably not getting all the vitamins I need to replenish my muscles effectively. Plus heaps of people have been getting sick all around us…

Friday – 2 – Taught Circuit. Still a bit sluggish, not a huge effort, but still got a sweat up. Riding lesson on TK. That was good!! My left delt is REALLY sore after Attack. I don’t do the things that I know will hurt, but I think I do too many things overhead that don’t hurt at the time, but still use the delt as a secondary mover and cause it to KILL over the next few days. Next Attack will be done with no arms overhead, and see if that makes a difference.

Saturday – 0 – Planned to run 10km or more, was hoping for 12km, but aw shame, it was raining! Worked in afternoon. Baked a lasagna instead and enjoyed a morning in.

Sunday – 0 – Plan to ride bike if not too cold, but it was MISERABLE. Even the keen riders were saying how bad it was. Thought I might ride TK in the morning, but I didn’t. I made muffins instead. I worked all afternoon.

Total sessions: 9

This coming week will be better. Will actually make a plan, and will be doing a lot more Balance training as the new release is out.

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