Struggling Along

I took a few days off last week due to other commitments and taking some time out for Mat and I. It was great. 🙂

But now I’m struggling to get back into the swing of things, and have only done the bare minimum. In fact, right now I should have already finished my run, and been onto saddling my horse. Then after finishing my ride I was going to bake some snacks, shower, and head to work. But I am on the computer, no run under my belt, and the horses aren’t even fed. And it’s 8:30am!
Partly, I suppose, because I didn’t really lay out a plan for the week, I was still playing it a bit by ear, so I hadn’t really committed to what I was going to do.
Also, I was focusing on my diet and scheduling in time for meal planning and shopping and food preparation. This isn’t a big deal for many people, but I’m a rice and tuna or pasta and tuna person. Boring and probably not so nutritionally complete. So this has taken a bit more time than I had thought – but well worth it to enjoy a great meal that Mat and I planned together.
And finally, because it’s easy to do less! It’s nice to sleep past 6am. I know why getting up early and exercising at the start of the day is a good idea, but I still struggle with it in the winter time. I don’t like doing things in the dark!
But I suppose I have run out of excuses and it’s time to get moving! I’ll get dressed (yup, still in my pj’s!) feed the boys, go for a run, and take TK for a spin, even if it’s a short one.
Back on the wagon!!

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