I Don’t Know Why I Complain!

So, I always tell my clients that the hardest thing about going to the gym is getting in the car.

Once you’re there, you’re there and you usually have a pretty damn good workout.
I say this cuz it is so very true to me especially. Look at how many posts I have about why I’m having trouble getting going. And then I reflect back on how good each off my workouts felt and I wonder what ever held me back in the first place!
So, today, once I got my shoes on and started out on my 5km run, I got going, and it felt good and I went for 7.5km. I found myself back home before I knew it, and had done it faster than pretty much any run I’ve done. This run was at 10.29km per hour. The only faster run I’ve done was a 1km sprint around the track at 11.15kph. But this is distance run, not a sprint, so I figure that’s pretty darn good!
Now, let’s see if I can have just as much fun with my horsey boy!

I'd much rather know what you think... let me know :)

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