Checking In, Week 3

Monday: Horse, Balance – 1 / 2 – no horse, was supposed to ride with Helen, but didn’t do anything at all! Very strange for the start of the week, when I’m usually right on top of things.
Tuesday: Run Fit, Circuit, Row – 2 / 3 – no rowing, moving this to another spot, this is just not working.
Wednesday: Run, Bike, Horse, Balance – 3 / 4 – no horse (hmm, he’s getting a bit neglected here)
Thursday: Run, Balance – 1 / 2 – no run (slept in) and no Attack on schedule due to planned dinner at family members
edit after the fact: Friday: Rest day, changed to makeup day – 2 / 1 – Circuit (makeup for sleep in, missing run. I changed this to 1 planned session, as I *didn’t* plan to do circuit, and I did it to make up for a planned session on Thursday.), Row (makeup for missing Attack for family dinner, which was planned). Will try moving rowing to Fridays after work. Mat stays late at work and has a beer, and there’s nothing on tv. And I certainly don’t get out socially!
Saturday: Horse, changed to rest day – 0 / 1 – no run or bike planned due to big plans for Brig Challenge Sunday and all day riding plans for today. Then the horse thing went belly up, so … replan to bike and run? Ride my horse anyway? Or use today as a rest day since I haven’t had one? An easy choice to have a rest day! We just did house work and cut fire wood. It was really nice to spend time with Mat.
Sunday: Run, Bike – 0 / 2 – Due to no one going over (everyone got a better offer), and therefore no longer having a ride to Kojonup, I ended up not doing Brigadier’s Challenge, so changed my plan to a run and ride at home. Then things changed AGAIN!
I had no horse ride planned due to Saturday’s original horse plans, and also due to the amount of biking and running planned for today. However, Lauren invited me for a light ride on Sunday afternoon, which would have been really fun, but then Lauren bailed on me, and I had said no to Helen for a bike down Withers Road, since I was waiting on Lauren… and honestly, I just didn’t want to run today. My knees are aching, even though I know I have to run to keep their strength up. So we did a few jobs around the house and again, spent time together, but I didn’t do any exercise!

Planned: 15
Actual: 9

Percentage: 60% (originally 56.25%)

This is an ok percentage but emotionally this feels like a massive fail. There were fewer planned sessions, and I completely neglected my horse. I didn’t do any exercise all day Saturday or Sunday, and allowed other people to manipulate my schedule. The fact is, I simply made bad choices and chose to accept those situations. This means that I am either tired or lazy. Neither makes me feel good about myself.

Edit after the fact: 60% is something I can live with. Not happy about ignoring my horse, but 60% is a percentage I want to be at or above in all weeks to come. It means that in MORE than half the cases I’m on track. Good! Feeling a little better about myself now. Thanks Monday! 🙂


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