So, last week Patricia slept through her alarm and we didn’t go for our 9km run. This morning, it was different! We were up, we were on time, and we went for a 9km run!

Holy geezus, first of all, I gotta say, Australia is NOT a tropical paradise. At least not where I live, and I firmly believe that a run at 7:15am should not also come with a 5 degree temperature! But this morning did! We could see our breath for the full 57 minutes of our run! It was COLD!!

It was great, though! I had a running buddy, and she was keen as mustard! So when we got to the ‘6km-out’, she said “No, let’s go for 8km!” and when we got to the ‘8km-out’, she said “Let’s try for 9km”. So we ran the whole distance and she didn’t let me cheat! 🙂 I think I definitely would have cheated this morning, at least at 8km for sure! And we both kept running the whole time, thinking “I’d like to walk now, but my buddy hasn’t slowed down, so I guess I’ll keep on running.” So it kept us both running, when we might have otherwise walked.

It was a bit more challengeing of a course than my regular 5km loop. There were Katanning’s broken sidewalks to negotiate, gravel roads and verges, rough uneven bitumen (pavement), and really corrugated (washboard) dusty roads, and even a few hills – which are hard to come by here in KA! My calves are so tight and sore following the run, they feel like they could POP! And that’s probably a sign that even though it was slower than I would have thought ideal, that it was a good run!!

Now, just to crack that 10km barrier!!


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