Keeping Track – how’m I goin?

So, in light of last week’s post about a mere 52% success rate, I thought I would see if this week’s results were any better than last weeks:

Monday – Horse, Balance – 2/2 (yay!)
Tuesday – RunFit, Circuit, Row – 2/3 (no rowing)
Wednesday – Run, Bike Hills, Balance – 1/3 (what happened?! Oh yeah, no bike, but I should have run at least)
Thursday – Run, Balance, Attack – 3/3 (yay!)
Friday – rest! 🙂
Saturday – Run, Bike Long, Horse – 0/3 (I had to work)
Sunday – Run, Bike PP, Horse – 2/3 (bike was fixed by noon, I just didn’t go out… lazy!)

Success Rate: 10/17 or 58.8%

Iew, I thought I was doing much better.

Of course, I did work Saturday, and had given myself permission to take these days off, so in theory it was more like 10/14 which is 71.4%!! Ooh, I like the sound of that! Either way, a definite improvement, with room for more growth!


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