So, Thursday morning, Trish and were going to run 9km. We would leave her house at 6:45 am, and with any luck be done in under an hour, giving me 45 minutes to get organised for work.

This was our first run together, and I didn’t know how we would go, so I spent some time mapping out a course that had an escape point at 6km, 8km and a full 9km run, that way we could get back sooner if something went wrong, or if we were behind pace, or just too sore. I set out my running clothes on the foot of the bed so I wouldn’t have to rummage around. I had water and a little breakfast bar for an energy boost organised. And since I was really excited, I kept waking up hoping I didn’t miss my alarm.

Up I was at 6am. Dressed, hydrated, food in… wandering around the house waiting till a reasonable time to get in the car to get to her house… and finally it’s time! Off I go!

I park in front of her house. No movement. I’ve forgotten my phone… pooh. So much for organised. Guess I’ll have to do it the old fashioned way.

I knocked on the door.


Hmm… little dog… make the dog bark… “Hello little doggie.” Yapping dog…

No movement about the house.

Sit in the car for a few minutes. Surely she’ll have heard that and is just running a minute behind.

Knock more firmly on the door this time.


Back to car… and ever so tentatively, honk the horn.



Nothing!? Is she here? Maybe she went to the rec centre? Did we have a miscommunication?

I drive back home, text her. No reply.

By this time I can only squeeze in a 5km run, which did me just fine! 9km might have been a stretch anyway! 🙂

I got home and there were two texts and a missed call from her. She didn’t hear her alarm and slept right through! hehe

Poor girl felt so bad she bought me a large chai latte! Now that’s a nice treat!

We’ll try again on the weekend for a long run, and this time we’ll set it for a reasonable hour. 8am Sunday I think 🙂


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