Planned versus Actual

Just thought I would take a few minutes to compare how my actual training compares to my plan. Could be an interesting experiment. Here are the last two weeks:

— Mon 12th: planned: Bike 20km, teach Balance.
Actual: did both!
— Tue 13th: planned: Run 4km.
Actual: Ride 36km. That’s alright, I guess. I think the ride was harder, and I was doing it with friends, which is more fun.
— Wed 14th: planned: Run 6km, Bike 20, teach Balance.
Actual: Ran 6km, Rode Horse, taught Balance. Did the horse ride as I had done the bike ride the day before.
— Thu 15th: planned: Run 7km, Bike 20-40km.
Actual: Rode Horse, went to Attack. Hmm… these statistics are a little disappointing, didn’t get close to bike or run.
— Fri 16th: rest day – had no problem sticking to that plan! 🙂
— Sat 17th: planned: Run 4, Bike 40-60.
Actual: NOTHING! What?! Oh that was that day. I did not have a good day that Saturday.
— Sun 18th: planned: Run 8km, Bike 20km, Ride Horse.
Actual: Bike 20, Run 4 (my legs were sore!), and Rode Horse! Good day!

— Mon 19th: planned: weights, Run 4km, teach Balance.
Actual: Run 4km, taught Balance.
— Tue 20th: nothing planned, as it was the first day of Healthy Bodies, a seminar on Wellness I am running and I wanted to be well prepared, spent the day in my head.
— Wed 21st: planned: Bike 20km, Run 8km, teach Balance.
Actual: Bike 16km, Run 5km, taught Balance
— Thu 22nd: planned: Run 4km, teach Balance, ride horse, Attack.
Actual: taught Balance, Attack.
— Fri 23rd: planned: Run 4km, Bike 20km, practice Balance.
Actual: run 3.5-4km. Oh bad, didn’t do any of the other things.

Coming up:
— Saturday: planned: Ride horse at Kojonup riding club all day. Did not happen. Still planning on going for a ride today, just not there.
— Sunday: Run 9km, Bike 20km
— Monday: Weights, Run 4km, practice Balance. I know I won’t get to weights session, gym is closed, Jen has broken arm and I have strained left delt. Remove from plan to improve statistics.

So looking back, my planned vs actual is quite divergent! Let’s see:

Number of sessions planned vs actual:
26 planned, 19 completed!!

That’s only 52.7%!!

And some of those are for work and I have to do them! And when I look at the fact that I’m not always doing what I planned (like going for a horse ride instead of a bike ride) I wonder if I am organising myself appropriately.

My general plan is as follows:

Mondays: WORK NIGHT SHIFT, so before work: do weights and short run, balance that night at work. (As mentioned earlier, not doing weights due to injury and training partner’s injury. Will get back into that.)

Tuesdays: WORK FULL DAY SPLIT SHIFTS – so row between splits (Aside: The girls go to Running Fit at 6:15am… should I drag myself there?) (Second Aside: I also teach circuit that morning and I can probably participate more than I do, especially once all my ladies are familiar with the exercises.)

Wednesdays: WORK NIGHT SHIFT, so before work: short hill cycle (Helen & Sue ride Police Pools (PP = 20km) at 6:30am, but it’s damn cold and dark, and I haven’t joined them yet. My plan is to do Katanning-Kojonup Road (KKR) or Fairfield for the hills), long run (but if I do a hill ride, my legs are pretty buggered…), balance that night at work.

Thursdays: WORK DAY SHIFT, so after work: short run, arena horse ride. Teach Balance at work for next few weeks until Kirsty is back. Been having trouble with wanting to do anything after work. End up having a cuppa at T&Es (aunt and uncles) and suddenly it’s too late to exercise, run, ride etc! Funny that!

Friday: WORK DAY SHIFT – short cycle (planned PP, but maybe swap Wed/Fri rides and go hills on Fridays?), practice balance (for the stretching/flexibility). Similar problem here with the cuppa. Will have to head straight to workout and visit AFTER exercise is completed.

Saturday: WORK OCCASIONAL DAY SHIFT, hopefully not too many. But if I do, these are long hard days and I will forego the long run and short fast horse ride I have planned.

Sunday: long cycle (the cycling group does PP, I want to do Woody and back), long slow horse ride, practice balance if I feel I need it.

I have 16 planned sessions, a few of which are optional (2 balance sessions in particular), and I have not included Attack on Thursday nights, which I love to do, but don’t know when else to fit in horse ride… Shuffle shuffle the deck..

Man, this is getting to be a long and drawn out post! But insightful for me at least! Time to reorganise my schedule to fit those things in I am not getting done.

How do you fit it all in??


2 responses to “Planned versus Actual

  1. I've just done a nice excel spreadsheet. It is now pinned to the wall next to my calendar for easy reference and so Mat can see where I am and what I am doing. I have put another in my diary.I have it saved as a pdf, but it seems I can't upload documents here or even on facebook. Why can't we add pdfs?

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