6km run

6km run down Kojonup Road to Fairfield in 34m50s, which is better than I planned! I was aiming for 36 minutes! Cool! I was really grateful for the wind, despite how strong it was. I was sweating like a pig. I had a really good stretch when I got back, I can feel things going a little wrong in my legs. I am getting a tightness around the top of my right thigh, and I feel I might be at risk for shin splints 😦 That would really put me behind, considering how long it has taken me just to start running these distances! My knees have been holding up pretty well, and I find I don’t have any knee pain as long as I keep the strength up – if I take a week off running, it’s like starting from scratch as far as my knees are concerned, and I’m back to running 1km. No injuries or layoffs allowed!


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